1. "They paved paradise and put up a parking lot"

    Fresh asphalt at the Civic Center


  2. A peek inside through the windows reveal awesome brick walls. Hopefully it can be repurposed and not torn down! 

    Across from Cascades Park


  3. "All you can eat"

    Jenny’s Lunchbox, Magnolia Drive


  4. Off 7th Avenue


  5. "Soar"

    St. Teresa, about an hour away along the Forgotten Coast.


  6. "Street heart"

    All Saints Hop Yard


  7. "Unfinished business"

    Off Tharpe Street


  8. "Get a Boost"

    North Monroe Street


  9. "Free pie Wednesdays"

    Village Inn, Apalachee Parkway


  10. "Late night"

    All Saints Hop Yard


  11. "Outta the blue"

    Off All Saints Street

  12. "Countdown"

    Van Buren Street


  13. "Land of the Free"

    East Tennessee Street


  14. "One headlight"

    South Adams Street


  15. "Warriors"

    Gaines Street