1. "Urban greenery"

    All Saints Street


  2. "Gems"

    Old Coca-Cola Bottling Plant, aka All Saints Hop Yard

    My street art obsession is continuing to be fueled by the new work popping up around town. It’s about time!


  3. It’s a parking spot bumper. But I was struck immediately by the black & white stripes against the neutral brick wall, with the harshness of the noon sun beating down. The way it all lined up so graphically.

    Calhoun Street, Downtown Tallahassee


  4. "Blurred vision"

    Kleman Plaza parking garage


  5. "Double X"

    Bloxham Building, Downtown Tallahassee


  6. "Bird’s eye view"

    Kleman Plaza, Downtown Tallahassee


  7. More new art popping up around town, yay! This piece is outside Tucker Duke’s Lunchbox in Downtown Tallahassee. Would love to see more murals and art like this to add color & interest to the downtown scene. 

    Piece by the NFL crew.


  8. Gameday weekend, go Noles!

    Florida State University campus


  9. Just when I was getting sad that there wasn’t any new art to see in the Gaines Street area, some new work popped up the other day! Wasn’t able to get the whole piece (it’s pretty large) due to cars parked in front, so I’ll have to go back to get it all at another time. Go check it out behind Phaze One/Avant Garb shops.

    By the NFL crew.


  10. "May the Force be with you"

    Seen on a sign leaving Railroad Square Art Park


  11. "Rooftops"

    Downtown Tallahassee, from Plaza Tower.


  12. "Off the rails"

    Plaza Tower, Downtown Tallahassee


  13. "Feeling blue"

    Off Mahan


  14. "It’s gonna be ok"

    North Monroe Street


  15. "Pining for you"

    This shot was taken in Downtown Tallahassee, but could have been taken anywhere in town!

    **Process insight: it’s not always easy to come up with a title for the images. Sometimes, I already have something in mind the minute I shoot. Other times, I get stuck. That’s what happened with this photo. I was trying to come up with something clever, but it was eluding me. So I gave it a generic title so that I could get it posted. Then, an hour later, I came up with the title I had been looking for :) **